• Dadaocheng Wharf

    Dadaocheng Wharf

    Dadaocheng Wharf is not only a place where bright fireworks are cast around the Chinese New Year's Eve, but also because the riverside container market has recently become a popular punch-in spot. At dusk, the river surface reflects the gradual orange sunset, and the lights on the other side are more As the darkening sky lighted up, many photographers could see the beauty of Dadaocheng here.



    The New Taipei Metropolitan Park is located on the secondary flooding road in the Sanzhong District of New Taipei City. It is a children's playground built with the height of the river embankment. There are various climbing fields, climbing nets, slides, water slides, rotating chairs and other parent-child The amusement facility is a popular children's activity place in New Taipei City.



    TAIPEI EXPO PARK is organized by the yuanshan Park Area, Art Park Area and Xinsheng Park Area, the four major exhibition areas of the Taipei International Flower Expo in 2010. Long-term management of cultural and creative and various sightseeing activities, continuous innovation, is a high-quality leisure place in Taipei City.

  • Daan Park

    Daan Park

    The facilities and equipment in the park are all novel, with lush trees in the park, orderly shrubs, bright flower beds and bright flowers, giving people the feeling of being in a beautiful forest park.
    Daan Forest Park is located in the downtown area, 26 hectares of pure leisure "urban forest" type park, is a fresh "urban lung", can clean the air, reduce noise, adjust the temperature, come to the park for rest, take a look at the flowers and enjoy the music station performance, enjoy the "forest bath" to relax your body and mind, stroll through the park, and enjoy the beautiful scenery everywhere.

  • Yangmingshan National Park

    Yangmingshan National Park

    Yangmingshan National Park is the closest national park in Taiwan to the metropolitan area. Due to the influence of latitude and altitude, the monsoon climate is very obvious, and the special geological structure of the area is cone-shaped or bell-shaped volcanic bodies and Hukou Lake. Special landscape. The three small oil pits, mangers and other hot spring areas in the park are also well-known and have become important landscape resources in Yangmingshan National Park.In addition to flower viewing, the Taipei City Park also hosts different events every year, so that the public can feel the charm of Yangmingshan National Park, which is known as the "Taipei Back Garden".
    When you come to Yangmingshan Park, you can also go to Yangshuishan National Park, such as Lengshuikeng, Manger Hot Spring, and Silk Waterfall, which are popular tourist attractions.

  • Taipei Zoo

    Taipei Zoo

    Taipei City Zoo Exhibition Hall is quite diverse, divided into two parts: outdoor exhibition area and indoor exhibition hall. The diversity of the park is not to be missed when you come to Taipei City Zoo.
    Taipei City Zoo is one of the top ten urban zoos in the world. There are more than 400 kinds of animals in the park. It is the largest zoo in Southeast Asia. Among them, the most popular "Koala Bear Museum" and "Koala" "Penguin Pavilion", and two giant pandas from China, these are popular animal stars in the park, come and see their cute looks!

  • Maokong Gondola

    Maokong Gondola

    Maokong Gondola is the first cable car system in Taipei City. The three most beautiful moments of taking the cable car are the clouds after rain, the evening sunset and the splendid night scene. When you ride on the cable car, you will advance along with the ups and downs of the mountain. It overlooks the running MRT train, the riverside park by Jingmei Creek and the giraffe incinerator.
    Maokong Station is the terminal of the cable car. There are tea gardens and teahouses everywhere. Many people will come here to drink tea and gossip. If you come to Maokong, you might as well find a tea house to taste delicious specialty tea meals while admiring the beauty of the Taipei Basin.

  • Taipei Children's Amusement Park

    Taipei Children's Amusement Park

    Taipei Children's Amusement Park created by the Taipei City Government covers an area of about 5 hectares. It has amusement facilities, a free play area and a children's theater if the children's theater company is in charge, and there are wonderful free performances on holidays.

  • Tamsui


    Tamsui is a small town full of history. There are some houses on the old street that retain the fun of the old buildings, and there are many antique art shops, which shows its quaint flavor.
    Along the street, you can admire the carefully carved stone art and wood carving works, the store has carefully collected antiques for many years, elegant poems and paintings, and various decorative arts.
    Visiting Tamsui, walking is a good way to enjoy, tourists can take the ferry between Tamsui, Bali and Tamsui, Dadaocheng.

  • Bali Left Bank

    Bali Left Bank

    There are currently well-designed bicycle lanes and leisure facilities for recreation. It is very suitable for renting bicycles and enjoying the scenic spots on the left bank.
    Digzai Mangrove Forest Nature Reserve can view the precious wetland ecology. It is a natural ecological classroom suitable for the whole family to swim together.
    In addition, the snacks near the ferry head are also worth a taste. After the fun, you can taste a variety of special snacks and enjoy yourself.

  • Guandu Nature Park

    Guandu Nature Park

    Guandu Nature Park provides a good habitat for migratory waterbirds and protozoa in East Asia and Australia, and protects the wetland ecology together with important wetland centers around the world, provides high-quality natural ecological attractions, and leads the public to support and support through professional research, multicultural and educational activities Participate in the sustainable development of wetlands.

  • North Coast Tourism

    North Coast Tourism

    There are many must-see sightseeing spots in North Taiwan, Jiufen Old Street, Jinguashi, Yeliu Geopark, Pingxi Old Street, Shifen Waterfall, etc. Lacl'e Hotel provides you with a fast and comfortable choice. One-day chartered tour, eight-hour tour across the North Coast, please contact the counter of Lacl'e Hotel for details.

  • Jiufen Old Street

    Jiufen Old Street

    Some people say that Jiufen became popular because of the movie "City of Sorrow", but that may be the case without experiencing the beauty of Jiufen carefully. Jiufen not only retains the old buildings of the Japanese occupation era, but more importantly, the atmosphere of the mountain city. Although today's old streets are always full of people, only in Jiufen can you enjoy the unique path to enjoy the scenery. Here, it seems inevitable that you must eat bowl of taro balls. In fact, there are many options for nostalgic snacks. A real story house is formed on the three streets of Jishan Street, Hiraki Road and Light Road. Here you can explore Jiufen Wonderful story. If you have more time, you can go to the Gold Museum to get a glimpse of the old style of gold mining.

  • JinGuaShih


    JinGuaShih, which is adjacent to Jiufen, has quite beautiful scenery of mountains and seas, the past history of gold mining, the rainbow staircase old street, the 166-meter 360-degree landscape walk, and the vast scenery of the earless teapot mountain.

  • Yehliu Geopark

    Yehliu Geopark

    Yeliu is a headland that stretches out of the sea from the rest of Datun Mountain. Due to wave erosion, rock weathering and crustal movement, it has created various peculiar landscapes such as sea cave trenches, candlestones, mushroom-shaped rocks, tofu stones, honeycomb stones, potholes, and erosion disks. Queen's head, fairy shoes, candlestick stones, etc., are even more famous international spectacles of sea erosion.

  • Pingxi Old Street

    Pingxi Old Street

    The traditional long-street houses are kept and there are even Japanese-style cloth shops and ice shops. Every lane can see the passing train, forming an important feature of Pingxi Old Street.

    In this old Pingxi street full of Japanese taste, in addition to Chinese and English words, a series of Japanese characters will also be written on the road signs, giving people a feeling of being in Japan. You can go around for a visit, find the most humane and most ancient architectural objects in the old streets and alleys. You can hang out at will, watch the train pass by the iron bridge above you, take a break at the nearby homestay, and then rent a bicycle and embark on a journey briskly. You can climb high in the nearby Xiaozi Mountain. This verdant mountain scenery will surely make your trip to Pingxi more beautiful.

  • Shifen Waterfall

    Shifen Waterfall

    Shifen Waterfall is a vertical-curtain-shaped waterfall. The rock formation tends to be opposite to the direction of the water flow. It is a feature of an inclination layer. Because it is similar to Niagara Falls in North America, it is known as Niagara Falls in Taiwan. The momentum is magnificent, the sound of the water is rumbling. Watching this scene makes one admire the wonder of nature. The water is filled with water above the waterhole. If there is just sunlight, a rainbow hanging diagonally on the waterfall will appear, so it is also known as "Rainbow Abyss".

  • ZhengGuan Hot Pot

    ZhengGuan Hot Pot

    Zhengguan hot pot is one of the famous restaurants in Luzhou. The soup base of the hot pot is made of fresh sugar cane, vegetables and fruits, pork bones, chicken bones, etc., and then added with bonito flavoring to make the soup taste refreshing and not dry. The store not only sells cheap pans, but also provides a variety of high-grade meat and fresh direct seafood, giving customers a variety of choices. The most famous one is the sweet gout, from lobster, fresh clams, Penghu prawns to wild grass shrimp, the whole plate of seafood makes people salivate. If you like to eat hot pot, you must not miss this hot pot restaurant.

  • Jenlaolin Lamb hot pot

    Jenlaolin Lamb hot pot

    The store is characterized by fresh ingredients, using delicious and sweet Chinese medicine soup and creative unique sauce. It is boiled with a lot of lamb bones, as well as soups boiled with more than 20 kinds of Chinese medicinal materials and sugar cane, plus the boss's 30-year experience to increase the boldness of the "Apple West" sauce.
    It is especially recommended to use the jinmen hand-made noodles and pure lamb oil to prepare the noodles with unique flavor.

  • BaWei ginger duck stew

    BaWei ginger duck stew

    The ginger duck stew originated from Quanzhou and is a traditional snack of the Han nationality in Fujian. It can both tonify qi and blood(chinese medicine), and at the same time, the duck meat with it has the effect of nourishing yin and reducing fire(chinese medicine). The medicinal diet in the cuisine is nourishing but not greasy, warm but not dry, suitable for consumption in autumn and winter. Bawei ginger duck stew is the first choice store for autumn and winter. The taste of Ba Jiang ginger duck is well known, not only local people, but also many people come here. In cold weather, it is the best food to keep your body warm.

  • Luzhou Miaokou Night Market

    Luzhou Miaokou Night Market

    The oldest street market in Luzhou is now a famous night market with a hundred years of history and many ancient houses. There are temples such as Yonglian Temple and Wenwu Dazhong Temple on the street. Yonglian Temple is the development center of Luzhou in the past and is also the food center of today. It forms the most lively Miaokou business district in Luzhou. There are ancient temples and famous snacks and old shops on the street. There are different markets from morning to night.A traditional market during the day and a night market at night.

    The route of the Luzhou Miaokou Night Market is roughly a cross. Although it has to be staggered when shopping, it is not easy to feel boring because of the variety of things and there are many snacks here for decades. The old taste, after the MRT opened to traffic, attracted many people to come here to taste tofu pudding, meatballs, noodles,braised dishes and rice balls. In addition, everyone is familiar with the traditional snack, Tann-ah noodle, which originated in Luzhou, so there are also a lot of Tann-ah noodle Shops, and of course the taste is very "old". If you have a chance, you may wish to have a bowl.

  • Goosema


    The goose meat of Goosema is not only sweet, but also the soft gravy peculiar to goose meat is more chewable, the meat quality is not dry at all, and the skin of smoked goose meat has a unique flavor. Goosema's goose meat has its own characteristics whether it is eaten alone or with a side of sweet and spicy sauce. In addition, it can be served with some ginger shreds. Local people in Luzhou often buy it back in the afternoon to prepare for dinner, so they often sell it out before five o'clock. Guests who want to taste goose should go early or couldn't enjoy delicious goose meat.

  • Tofu Pudding

    Tofu Pudding

    signature dish: tofu pudding (tofu pudding with peanut, tofu pudding with black tapioca pearls)

  • Taiwanese meatball

    Taiwanese meatball

    This steamed meatball has been passed down to the second generation. Their meatballs are two servings, which is different from the method of frying. They use steaming throughout. The meatballs have a solid filling and the ingredients are high-quality hind leg marinated with Chinese herbs.

  • Tann-ah noodles

    Tann-ah noodles

    Luzhou Yonglian Temple is the birthplace of Tann-ah noodles. During the Japanese-Occupied Period, Zhou Wuzhu and apprentice Yang Wanbao sold Tann-ah noodles at Yonglian Temple.
    The entrance is always full of people. The taste of the traditional Tann-ah noodles in Luzhou is spiced with bean sprouts, leeks and shallots. The noodles are topped with pig bone soup. The choice of ingredients, the cooking of the soup and the spring teeth of the noodles determine the cut The quality of the noodles.And TianDing Tann-ah noodles is near Luzhou Miaokou Night Market (Desheng Street Night Market), where you can taste the authentic local flavor of Luzhou's Tann-ah noodles.

  • Lu Ji medicine stewed ribs

    Lu Ji medicine stewed ribs

    In addition to the delicious Tann-ah noodles, many famous food stalls in front of the temple are also hot spots for gluttons to taste delicious. Among them, the Lu Ji medicine stewed ribs that has been passed down for two generations, the fragrant soup, and the tender ribs are the local's super old flavor. The soil stew meat is soft and rotten, and there is no fishy smell. The portion is about 1.5 times that of other soil louse shops. The sauce is also exquisite. There are three kinds of seasonings including ribs, soil lice and lamb. The soup of medicated stewed ribs is lighter. The ingredients are delicious, drinkable and sweet. It is a tonic food that cannot be missed when the weather is cold!

  • Saint Ignatius Plaza (I-Plaza)

    Saint Ignatius Plaza (I-Plaza)

    Saint Ignatius Plaza is located at MRT St. Ignatius High School Station, a transportation hub where MRT and bus routes converge.
    With a comfortable and high-quality space, it is a compound square combining life, catering, shopping, sports and leisure and star hotels.
    With the concept of "wonderful life, sharing with each other", Saint Ignatius Plaza is closely combined with urban development and local humanities to make people's lives splendid.
    Provide a rich leisure space in Luzhou and Sanchong areas.



    SYABU-YO is a Japanese-style shabu-shabu specialty store that insists on providing selected meats, fresh vegetables, superb soups, and special sauces, so that customers can taste the food closest to the natural and original flavors, and the value-for-money Japanese-style shabu-shabu is all you can eat .

  • Royal Host

    Royal Host

    From the Royal Host Family Restaurant in Japan, every dish is cooked by a professional chef. From breakfast to dinner, a variety of creative Western dishes presented in Japanese exquisite techniques are provided at all times. Let more customers enjoy the warm service and delicious cuisine in the clean and bright store; hope that all guests who come to the store can experience the joy and happiness brought by the delicious food.



    CURRY HOUSE CoCo ICHIBANYA was founded in 1978. At that time, the founder started a cafe in Japan to sell curry rice. The curry rice provided "portion, spiciness, side dishes" can be selected and matched, even daily It’s also very popular for eating.

  • BELLINI Pasta Pasta

    BELLINI Pasta Pasta

    With "sharing" as the main axis and "double the delicious" dining environment, "BELLINI Pasta Pasta" was founded in 2000, hoping to deliver double delicious and double joy sharing through double Pasta.

  • Mo-Mo-paradise


    In 2003, the first Mo-Mo-Paradise Sukiyaki specialty store in Taiwan was introduced. With the belief value of "share delicious, fresh, natural and healthy", it is committed to promoting the most natural chain Sukiyaki brand at home and abroad.

  • Sanchong TOP 5 braised pork rice

    Sanchong TOP 5 braised pork rice

    Due to the population structure, the Braised Pork Rice has become a local specialty snack in the Sanchong District next to Lacl'e Hotel. Over time, the locals have given the five most famous Braised Pork Rice "Sanchong TOP5 braised pork rice"

  • DianXiaoer braised pork rice

    DianXiaoer braised pork rice

    The 店小二 braised pork rice at Sanhe Night Market and Taipei Metro Station near MRT is listed as one of the Sanchong five braised pork rice with Sanchong District's well-known 今大 braised pork rice. This is a cheap local snack, because the braised pork rice looks like a southern taste, the braised meat is juicy, there are many side dishes on the menu. The shrimp soup with a dish of fish are only 50 TWD. In addition to the clean environment, there are many diehard fans, not only recommended by locals, but also many online friendly reviews.

  • Jinda braised pork rice

    Jinda braised pork rice

    There are many cheap and delicious snacks in Sanchong District, and 今大 braised pork rice on Daren Street (near Cailiao Station) is a well-known delicacy. The taste is excellent and not greasy. The other items in the shop are also very affordable, like whole braised Wu Guo fish, large chunks of asparagus shreds, pork rib soup, braised tofu, which are rich in materials and are very popular dishes that are loved by many people. And because the business hours of 今大braised pork rice are from breakfast to dinner, being a tabletop brunch makes the day full of happiness.

  • LianWu braised pork rice

    LianWu braised pork rice

    Due to the composition of Sanchong District population, braised pork rice is a street food that is full and full of calories. It is opened one after the other. This "LianWu braised pork rice" has been in business since 1975 and has been more than 40 In the past few years, since it was moved from the original site to the current Chongyang Road five years ago, it is currently taken over by the second-generation boss, which is a good taste for many Sanchong people.

  • Weifeng braised pork rice

    Weifeng braised pork rice

    Weifeng braised pork rice, recommended by Sanchong people for its delicious side dishes such as braised tofu, is a separate brand of Lianwu braised pork rice, and the signature braised pork bento is also a high CP value choice for local Sanchong and Luzhou people.

  • WuDengJiang braised pork rice

    WuDengJiang braised pork rice

    It's braised pork rice and braised pork feet are very simple and delicious. Braised meat is braised with pure skin. The in-store consumption is not high, you can eat to be very full in 100 NTD.The local food are cheap and delicious.

  • Sanhe Night Market

    Sanhe Night Market

    Sanhe Night Market is the most lively place in Sanchong at night. There are not many vendors during the day, but it is crowded after the evening. The scale is quite large and full of the most authentic night market atmosphere. In the gourmet section, there are many well-known snacks that have been in business for more than 30 years. The pork feet, fish ball soup, quiche, crispy intestines, stinky tofu, papaya milk, shrimp soup, meatballs, oyster fried, squid soup, etc. are very popular, and the price is more affordable than Taipei City across the bridge , Very suitable for the gluttons to come here to "challenge", try the fun from the street to the end of the street. The most famous "wonton" soup is made from boiled pork bones. Add celery and red onion. The soup is thick and mellow. The filling is carefully processed.

  • Shilin Night Market

    Shilin Night Market

    In Shilin Night Market, you can taste delicious snacks from all over the country, such as oyster noodles, tempura, oyster fried, steamed fried meatballs, bubble tea, Guangdong porridge, Japanese sushi, Korean kimchi pot, etc.. After eating and drinking, all kinds of leather bags, shoes, clothes and department store accessories are all kinds of dazzling. The attractiveness of cheap and good quality will make you committing wallet homicide.

    Shilin Night Market is close to MRT Shilin Station and Jiantan Station. The transportation is very convenient. In addition, there are many schools around, such as Ming Chuan University, Soochow University, etc.. A crowd of people came in and out of work after class, which brought a lot of economic opportunities and a lively atmosphere to this business district. The Shilin Night Market is like a large cooked food center.

  • Ningxia Night Market

    Ningxia Night Market

    More than half of the street vendors in Ningxia Night Market are well-established brands and the birthplace of many famous snack brands. The 80-year-old "Lotus" beverage bar, 60-year ring fried stir-fried sirloin, 50-year ring oyster fried and 40 years Li Jiaxiang's Fish Maw Soup, etc. In addition, Tainan Bowl Kui, Li Changbo Stinky Tofu, Liu Yazi Egg Yolk Cake, Douhua Zhuang Dou Hua, Egg Wrapped Shrimp Soup, Roasted Mochi, Pork Liver Soup..., countless old brands, all it stands for the old taste of Taipei, waiting for the people to taste it.

    Street vendors in Ningxia Night Market have also cooperated with mobile payment platforms in recent years. Traditional street vendors use modern payment methods to checkout. The combination of tradition and modernity is also an interesting phenomenon.

  • LuchouLee


    LuchouLee(Luzhou Lizhai) is also called "Li Zucuo" by the locals.
    It has a history of more than 200 years. Here you can see the footsteps of Quanzhou people who came to Taiwan for reclamation. The building is a three-in-one large triple courtyard with internal and external dragons, which is intact. In addition, they will also regularly organize traditional cultural ceremonies of "catch the week" and "salivation" to inherit cultural customs.

  • Yonglian Temple

    Yonglian Temple

    The Luzhou Yonglian Temple was built in 1872, and has been expanded and renovated to this day. It has a hundred years of history and has a profound impact on local residents and their religious culture.
    There are more than a dozen gods such as the statue of Guanyin Buddha in the South China Sea, Buddha Shakyamuni and Buddha in medicine, and the incense is strong.
    The Guanyin Buddha's commemoration day (September 18th of the lunar calendar) is said to be in the era of the Japanese occupation by Bao Zheng (that is, today's governor), Cai Canying, to commemorate the Guanyin Buddha's home on September 19th, the lunar calendar.
    Especially on the previous day, the believers were called on to initiate a sedan ride on the street. Later, local customs were gradually formed, which is the largest local event in Luzhou.

  • BiHua Cloth Street

    BiHua Cloth Street

    In the early years, due to the development of garment factories and dyeing and finishing factories in the Mie region, the batch of publishers gradually gathered in the area of ​​Bihua Street, and slowly formed the pattern of cloth street. In the 1970s, when they reached their heyday, domestic and foreign garment manufacturers came here to buy cloth . Bihua Street is a wholesale center for all kinds of cloth. There were two or three hundred cloth shops opening here. With the decline of the garment industry, only one-third of the merchants now maintain wholesale rags. The Sanchong District Office began planning and transformation into the "Bu Zhuang Museum Park" in the Republic of China in 1996. It is hoped that through the dense cloth businesses in the neighborhood, various collective memory assets in the living environment, including human space resources, local cultural landscape, and strong human touch , The family business characteristics of the relatives next door, and the outsiders working in the north, eager to show their dominance in the first day, and show them to the public. At the same time, by combining local teaching, arts and cultural activities, traditional festivals, cloth culture and tourism industry, etc. To become a dynamic museum that is not only a static display, but also full of residents' vitality and industrial vitality. Bihua Street mainly sells inventory cloth, that is, after a large number of custom-made cloths are sold (may become a certain brand of clothing, cloth products), the rest is here, so the price of Bihua Street cloth is similar Compared with Dihua Street, it is much cheaper, but the types are relatively scattered, and it is easy to be out of stock, which cannot provide a large amount of stable supply.

  • Xingtian Temple

    Xingtian Temple

    Xingtian Temple is also known as the Temple of the Lord of Grace, the Lord of Grace, or the Palace of Lord of Grace. Xingtian Palace worships Guan Gong. It is a traditional folk belief temple in Taiwan.
    The folk customs of Xingtian Palace are slightly different from other temples, such as not burning gold paper, not worshiping animals, and replacing the worshipping ceremonies with fuel tanks.

  • National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall

    National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall

    White walls and blue tiles, 70 meters high towering in the center of the memorial park, no matter what angle you look at, it is magnificent. When foreign tourists come to Taiwan, they will definitely come here to visit and watch the handover of the three military ceremonies. There are displays and exhibitions in the memorial hall, as well as souvenir sales.
    The blue and white colors used in the memorial hall are the main colors above the national flag, and the decoration of the sky dome at the top of the memorial hall is 12 rays of light.

  • Chiang Kai-Shek Shilin Residence

    Chiang Kai-Shek Shilin Residence

    The Shilin Residence has exquisite garden landscape design, humming birds and beautiful scenery, which is an excellent place for leisure and recreation.
    The flat area of ​​Shilin residence can be divided into two parts: the garden and the residence. The main building is the residence of the first president Jiang Gong and Mrs. Jiang; the rose garden is Mrs. Jiang's favorite garden; the romantic and beautiful scenery in the Western-style garden is The most common place for wedding photos of newlyweds; landscapes in Chinese gardens such as arch bridges, curved pools, and flowing water make people feel like they are in an ancient Chinese courtyard.
    Others, such as gardening hall, Xinlan Pavilion, Kaigetang, etc., are very distinctive buildings. The open-air music station is often held, and various arts and music-related activities are often held, too.

  • Dr. Sun Yat-sen Mernorial Hall

    Dr. Sun Yat-sen Mernorial Hall

    The majestic building body is located in Zhongshan Park, which is surrounded by green grass and flowers, and has become a bright star in the Eastern District of Taipei. It also brings a new look to domestic culture and art. Many artistic activities are carried out here, such as cultural and art corridors, cultural and art exhibition activities, youth creation, etc.

  • Mengjia Longshan Temple

    Mengjia Longshan Temple

    Mengjia Longshan Temple is the center of faith in Wanhua. The long history tells of the former "one house, two deer, and three cockles"(idiom). It became a tourist tourist spot in Taipei.
    The Longshan Temple of Mengjia is a traditional palace-style building in the Chinese classical three-entry courtyard with its north facing south.Travelers can pay more attention to Longshan Temple the architectural landscape and representative meaning.
    Mengjia Longshan Temple regularly holds festivals and folk events every year, such as the Lunar New Year Lantern Festival, April Bath Buddha Festival, July Bon Lantern Festival, etc. People come to Mengjia Longshan Temple in addition to appreciate the beauty of Taiwan's temple architecture and art. The fun of traditional folk culture.

  • National Palace Museum

    National Palace Museum

    The National Palace Museum was completed in Waishuangxi in 1965. The Chinese palace-style building has the exhibition space on the first to third floors, and the "Sanxi Hall", a tea break, on the fourth floor. It has the largest collection of Chinese art treasures in the world. The collections are mainly inherited from the Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties, covering almost 5,000 years of Chinese history, with more than 650,000 pieces. The National Palace Museum has the name of "Treasure of China Culture".

    In addition to the rich exhibits, the National Palace Museum provides professional tour guides in seven languages including Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Spain, and Korean. It also regularly holds various cultural relics study courses, special lectures, and touring exhibitions. More than one kind of publications and albums are indeed cultural treasures of the world. The National Palace Museum is a must-visit place for visiting Taiwan.

  • Dihua Street

    Dihua Street

    The street house Dihua Street has been an important center of goods, tea,Chinese medicinal materials and clothes. The street was divided into South Street, Middle Street,North Street, Puyuan Street and Ducuo Street, and now local people usually put the north of Minsheng Road.
    Dihua Street is called North Street, and south is called South Street.
    Dihua Street has a narrow street, which runs from north to south. In order to accommodate more stores, most of the shops outside the store are long-span east-west multi-storey shops.

  • Syntrend


    Syntrend, located next to the Guanghua Shopping Mall, takes "creative, innovative, entrepreneurial" as its concept, including multiple brands such as technological life, trendy audio-visual, parent-child entertainment, animation, exploration experience, creation and art exhibitions.
    The park takes people as the core and creates a living platform for practicing the future. Leading the public to reconstruct the connection between technology, culture and life through interaction, sharing, exploration, learning and creation. There are different themes on each floor of the mall, and the digital floors have the largest number of global brand flagship stores, covering computers, tablets and e-sports peripheral devices, to create a digital pilgrimage site.

  • Huashan1914


    Huashan 1914 Creative and Cultural Park consists of two parts: an outdoor art space and an indoor exhibition space. It is a creative field for the arts and cultural communities, non-profit organizations, and individuals. It is also a professional venue mainly for arts and culture.In addition to planning functions, diversified multi-library rooms, diverse rehearsals, exhibition spaces, Huashan blog, art information station, library and information room, parent-child garden and other service facilities, as well as the vast and open green space is "Huashan 1914 Creative Cultural Park" The most unique and proud space features.

    Huashan 1914 Creative Cultural Park provides more than 100 pings of space for promoting domestic culture, arts, humanities, and education, Wumei winery, red wine workshop, rice wine workshop, re-made wine workshop, packaging room, maintenance workshop, etc.. Garage workshop, Fruit wine warehouse, fruit wine hall, arch hall, high tower research unit, high tower district product holding and other spaces below 100 pings. There are also thousands of floors of wild terraces, forest theater, grassland theater, Huashan theater, art street, chimney square and other outdoor Space for individuals and groups to apply for rental.

  • Songshan Cultural Park

    Songshan Cultural Park

    Songshan Cultural and Creative Park do not only promote the multiple benefits of industrial interaction, consulting and counseling, cultural and creative cultivation, aesthetic experience, promotion and marketing, but also invite more large-scale cultural and creative exhibition activities to implement. As the concept of the creative window of Taipei City, the park uses all-round space use and diversified business concepts to shape the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park as an indicator of the aesthetic experience and design cognition of the people's life, reaching the multifunctional "original base" endowed by the park.

  • Taipei Fine Arts Museum

    Taipei Fine Arts Museum

    ​The first modern art museum in Taiwan, the planning of space and exhibits is trendy and lively, combining public life and art appreciation.
    In addition to exhibitions, the museum organizes seminars and holiday parent-child activities from time to time, creating opportunities for the museum to interact with the public, and narrowing the gap between art and life. The museum is now open on Saturday night. In order to create a strong artistic atmosphere at night, the museum has also added the museum body and outdoor sculpture lighting.

  • Ximen


    The most important shopping destination for young people is also a well-known attraction among foreign tourists and backpackers from various countries.
    The distinctive hiking area is the first area in Taipei specifically designed for pedestrians. Ximen Red House, Tattoo Street, Movie Street, KTV, Wannian Building, IWC, Eslite Bookstore and various boutique shops can be found in Ximen

  • Taipei 101

    Taipei 101

    Taipei 101 is a skyscraper located in the Xinyi District of Taipei City, with a height of 509.2 meters (1,671 feet). There are 101 floors above ground and another 5 floors underground. Taipei 101 is not only an office building but also a multi-purpose building such as a department store and a landscape building. It is also the tallest building in Taiwan and one of Taipei's important landmarks.
    There is an observation deck on the 89th floor. The rooftop can overlook the city of Taipei in the distance, and at night it can also overlook the night view of Taipei.
    The Xinyi business district where Taipei 101 is located is the famous department store business district in Taipei. There are many department stores around, there are also cinemas, high-end restaurants, and also a gathering place for Taipei nightclubs and bars. Enjoy music with friends and a place not to be missed.

  • KuaiChe


    The signature is the almond crispy meat paper, which uses healthy pork leg meat, blended with nutrient-rich California almond slices, and refined with black bean raw juice after 120 days of ancient exposure. Its special manufacturing techniques make the taste of pork paper unique, crispy slices that are closest to the tip of the tongue, creating a new generation of ultra-thin. Not only can it transmit light under the light, but also must be artificially packed to prevent its flakes from breaking. The sound of kazkaz and the unique deliciousness of fresh ingredients make one piece after another.

  • Nanmando


    Nanmando Honey Cake in Ximending is the founder of Nagasaki Cake in Taiwan, and many people rate it as the first honey cake in Taipei. The outer packaging of the cake is extremely exquisite. The cake is mellow and mellow. The egg is full and the sweet aroma is as rich as honey. It is very delicious. Many people will also use Nanmantang as a gift box for their relatives and friends.

  • Taipei LeeChi

    Taipei LeeChi

    In addition to the pineapple cakes that Taiwan must buy, there are many delicious exquisite snacks; Taipei's "Mung Bean Small Moon Cake" is a must-eat snack, with a layer of fine skin wrapped in soft mung bean paste, crisp and fluffy The taste of centuries-old cake shop is undefeated through time and space. However, it can only be stored for 6 days at room temperature. When buying, pay attention to whether the storage period is enough for you to bring back to share with others.

  • LauTianLu


    Laotianlu, famous for its braised dishes, has a history of more than 50 years and is a must-have for accompanying Taipei people to visit Ximending and watch movies. Nowadays, the old-fashioned Hong Kong-style braised dishes is more popular among Hong Kong and Taiwanese tourists, and has become a specialty food in Ximending, Taipei. Won the "2009 Taipei City Representative Store" and "2008 Taipei City Top 10 Gifts".

  • Ruyi Bakery

    Ruyi Bakery

    The "Ruyi Bakery" suncake, which has won four championships in the Taiwanese suncake competition, emphasizes the use of 100% safe ingredients for cooking from beginning to end. One of the characteristics is the puff pastry made with all natural ingredients, and with the filling of mountain pure malt, every bite is crisp and fragrant, the sweetness is natural, ranking firmly in the Taipei souvenir sales list.

  • HiWalk


    The egg roll cake skin is not diluted with added water and milk. It is prepared by eggs from Pingtung Liyi Ranch and pure New Zealand Anjia cream. After baking at a high temperature of 200 degrees, the golden crispy cake skin wraps fresh in Beigang, Taiwan Grind peanuts.

  • Mimi


    The shops with simple decoration are always in a long queue. The crispy soda biscuits and the rich milky flavor and sweetness of nougat form a multi-layered taste that is crisp and salty on the outside and soft and sweet on the inside. It is one of the souvenirs that Koreans must buy when they come to Taiwan.

  • Tseng Noodles

    Tseng Noodles

    American blogger Hans Lienesch has listed the best ramen ranking on the personal website "The Ramen Rater" for several consecutive years. Recently, he announced that "the world's 10 most delicious instant noodles in 2016" said that he had eaten 357 new flavors of instant noodles.Tseng Noodles won the 9th place.



    HSIN TUNG YANG was founded in 1967. For the past 40 years, it has always regarded "innovating traditional food culture" as its own responsibility and "improving the taste of the Chinese people" as its responsibility, actively promoting the food culture, and adhering to the concepts of safety, health and hygiene, and promoting traditional delicious food to all parts of the world. In 2011, it was awarded the "Top 100 Taiwan Brands" by the International Trade Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

  • ChiaTe Bakery

    ChiaTe Bakery

    ChiaTe Bakery Co., Ltd. was founded in 1975. Since the establishment of ChiaTe Bakery, it has always insisted on good quality in order to have customers' long-term trust in ChiaTe Bakery. The use of the finest ingredients and the absence of preservatives are the most sincere commitments of ChiaTe Bakery to customers. In 2006, he won the first Taipei Original Pineapple Cake Award, and the 2010 Taipei City Government awarded the best gift shop/

  • Sugar & Spice

    Sugar & Spice

    Sugar & Spice is the "Cake and Gift Box Specialty Store", which operates under the concept of gift sharing, selects ingredients from France, Europe and the United States, and uses local specialties from Taiwan. It is expected to convey the happiness of Sugar & Spice with a professional and elegant brand image.
    Sugar & Spice is one of the top ten gifts in Taiwan, and the French nougat is the first in the nougat world.

  • SunnyHills


    Based on the pineapple sauce, it is sweet and sour. It is paired with healthy fresh eggs, natural cream and selected flour to form a SunnyHills pineapple cake.

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