• St. Ignatius Plaza

    St. Ignatius Plaza

    It is located at MRT St. Ignatius High School Station

    호텔에서 약 0.4 Km,차량으로 약 2 Minute
  • A Liu Soup Noodles

    A Liu Soup Noodles

    It is a famous shop which has been reported for many times. Its assorted side dish is a signature dish.

    호텔에서 약 2.6 Km,차량으로 약 8 Minute
  • YongLian Temple

    YongLian Temple

    The YongLian Temple is located at bustling night market in New Taipei City's Luzhou District, it is prime example of this tolerant attitude towards religion.

    호텔에서 약 1.9 Km,차량으로 약 7 Minute
  • Luzhou Lee Mansion

    Luzhou Lee Mansion

    It was built in 1906 by the Lee family which became quite rich during the time, you can see the footage of reclamation history of Quanzhou people.

    호텔에서 약 1.9 Km,차량으로 약 7 Minute
  • The National Palace Museum

    The National Palace Museum

    The National Palace Museum (NPM) houses a collection of ancient Chinese artifacts, some of which came from The Palace Museum and the preparatory department of the Nanjing Museum (previously the "National Central Museu

    호텔에서 약 15.4 Km,차량으로 약 34 Minute
  • Jiufen Old Street

    Jiufen Old Street

    Some says the reason why Jiufen is so famous merely is because of the old movie “A City of Sadness”, but that is a myth. Old Japanese buildings are kept in Jiufen mountain city.

    호텔에서 약 41.6 Km,차량으로 약 48 Minute
  • Shilin Night Market

    Shilin Night Market

    You may taste all kinds of Traditional & local food in here such as oyster omelet, tempura (deep-fried fish paste), steamed/deep-fried meat ball, bubble tea (tapioca (ball) tea), Cantonese porridge, Japanese sushi, Korean kimchi pot and so forth, them are so delicious that you shall not skip any of them. Fair-priced bags, shoes, clothes, accessories and all kinds of groceries will definitely satisfy your needs.

    호텔에서 약 5.7 Km,차량으로 약 12 Minute
  • Huashan 1914

    Huashan 1914

    In 1997 members of the Golden Bough Theatre made a startling discovery. There, deep in the heart of Taipei and cordoned off from all visitors, stood an abandoned factory. The group described the factory as a city within a city, a place where nature was left to age with concrete for nearly a decade…and they were intrigued.

    호텔에서 약 10.5 Km,차량으로 약 18 Minute
  • Pingxi Old Street

    Pingxi Old Street

    The old street is unique in that it is built into a hill with a train track going overhead right through the middle with shops around selling local foods and gifts. Cloth shop and shredded ice shop here remain their Japanese style.

    호텔에서 약 40.2 Km,차량으로 약 47 Minute
  • Songshan Cultural and Creative Park

    Songshan Cultural and Creative Park

    In 2012, the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park was positioned as the “Creative Hub of Taipei”, with the objective to nurture creative talents and energy.

    호텔에서 약 11.7 Km,차량으로 약 21 Minute
  • Dadaocheng Port-Houses on Dihua Street

    Dadaocheng Port-Houses on Dihua Street

    Since 19 centuries Dihua Street has been an important distribution center for dry food, tea, Chinese medicine and cloth. It was separated into Dihua South, Centre Street, Dihua North, Pu Yuan Street and Du Tsuo Street, locals living in the district refer to the portion of the street north of the Minsheng West Road as Dihua North, and the portion south as Dihua south.

    호텔에서 약 6.8 Km,차량으로 약 15 Minute
  • Xinbeitou Hot Springs area

    Xinbeitou Hot Springs area

    Beitou Hot Springs area has been famous since Japanese Occupation, it was highly appreciated by Japanese who also have hot springs in their culture, and names of each hot springs were given by Japanese such as “Long Nai hot spring”, “Xing Nai hot spring” and “Tie Nai hot spring”. It is also well-known with its medical functions for dermal diseas

    호텔에서 약 10.6 Km,차량으로 약 24 Minute
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